Back Behind The Wheel

Back Behind
The Wheel                                                                                                                                


Back Behind The Wheel is a program which educates, assesses and treats impaired drivers. There are two levels. Level 1 is an online education program for persons whose licence has been suspended, or are charged with impaired driving. Persons may also be directed by Motor Registration to complete an education program.  Level 2 is a comprehensive in-person assessment/rehabilitation program for persons convicted of impaired driving, or as directed by Motor Registration. 

Level 1 - $200 (2 sessions, totalling 4 hours in length)
Level 2 - $550 (4 sessions, totalling 7 hours plus report writing)

Level 1 includes presentations, worksheets and discussion. The program is offered during two online sessions.

Level 2 includes assessment, addiction counselling, worksheets , presentations and active preventative planning for future driving. The program is offered during four in-person (St. John's) sessions. The first three sessions are two hours in length, the final session is one hour.

Active participation in the session is required to receive a letter of completion. Sessions are led by registered professionals with experience in the field. 

The following topics are covered in the program:

  • Setting goals.
  • Review of impaired driving. 
  • Life areas affected, attitudes and challenges related to change.
  • The influence of alcohol and other substances.
  • Establishing a healthy lifestyle and helpful resources.
    Review of goals and creating an action plan.