Back Behind The Wheel

Back Behind
The Wheel                                                                                                                                


Take action to prevent impaired driving risk. This session is targeted at staff who utilize company vehicles, in the capacity of a driver or passenger, as well as contracted services. Prepare your staff to respond to impaired driving risk, both internally and within the community.  

This is a substance use and impaired driving preventative education session, designed by Life & Workplace for company drivers and co-workers.  The interactive presentation and group work session is 2-3 hours in duration and has five key action components:

1:  Self-Awareness—understanding workplace stressors, coping mechanisms, current strategies for driving in a professional role, and healthy responses.  

2:  Substances—understanding substance use culture, effects of substances on individuals, indicators of substance dependence, and support options.


3: Impaired Driving—prevalence and cultural impact, risk behaviors, self-regulation, unintended risk, and when personal choices impact workplace safety.


4: Prevention—creation of a preventative action plan, monitoring self, monitoring others, and an honest appraisal of workplace risk.


5: Corporate Citizenship—responding to impaired driving internally and within the community.


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