Back Behind The Wheel

Back Behind
The Wheel                                                                                                                                


To attend the program you would have received a letter from the Motor Registration Division. The Level 1 educational program is designed for individuals whose licence has been suspended, or have been charged with driving while impaired. The Level 2 assessment/rehabilitation program is designed for individuals who have been convicted  of impaired driving and licence has been suspended for a period of time.


Where and When are the program available?
Both programs are offered regularly. Level 1 is online, Level 2 is in-person. 

Will I have to wait?

Participants should register for a session as soon as they receive a letter from
 the Motor Registration Division. This will ensure that your session is completed in time for licence reinstatement. 

How do I get my registration started?

Go to the Register section and register online. You will be placed on the next session list only when the Back Behind The Wheel program has received your completed registration form and payment. We will contact you to let you know of the date and time of your session. 

How much will the program cost?

The fee to attend a Back Behind The Wheel Level 1 education program is $200. The fee to attend the Level 2 assessment/rehabilitation program is $550. 

What about my licence reinstatement?
When an individual completes the Back Behind The Wheel program he/she will receive a letter verifying the completion.  An email will be sent to the Motor Registration Division for review and the processing of licence reinstatement.